Monday, July 21, 2014

A great reminder

I saw this in our paper this morning. 
This happened to us TWICE while I was raising our boys, 
and both times their Dad was able to save them. 
(however they didn't go unconscious, but did quit breathing)

I've taken CPR at least 3 times, but reading exactly what this 
Officer did, makes it so plain and simple. 
Kids are forever putting things in their mouths. 

Can you imagine the relief those parents felt after 
waiting outside their home for help to arrive!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scenes from last week

After Amy and Logan returned from 3 days of this:

I do lots of praying while they are gone, I do admit.

They were home less than 15 minutes 
when they picked the twins up from our house…..

...and drove to Cambria to spend the night with Uncle Scott and 
Aunt Kim, and then next morning got up @5am 
and drove to Santa Barbara where several of their kids 
were just completing a week of EFY (Especially For Youth)

The three sibs, Chandler, Kylie, and Laurynn

They picked up more than just their kids but I'm not sure how 
many or who….but for sure, cousin Kaidy.

How's this for a brother sister picture?  
I quite like it. Chandler and Kylie. Looking hot. Literally.

Or how about this one? Does Kylie not look like a model for a 
shampoo commercial? I think she'd get the job. Shhh don't tell her. 

And then there's this one. COW she says. I asked her what that 
meant. "Crush of the week." Am I the only one who didn't know this?

She will probably never see him again. She couldn't even remember where he lives. 

Then it was off to the beach to play a lot before going home. 

I don't know where Logan and Amy get their energy 
with no break in between all these trips.

However….someone did find Logan taking a nap in the car.
He's always been able to sleep anywhere.

Kaidy and Kylie
Their very last year of EFY!

Why can't we have blue sky like this in Clovis? 
I'd just like to know.

Next stop…Family Camp! 
I hope someone takes lots of pictures for Grandma Honey!

PS  Thank you Kylie for all the pictures. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Katie's shower!

I was so disappointed tonight…
I forgot my camera and I was at a very wonderful baby shower.

My nephew Jake's wife, Katie. Their baby is due in just 4 weeks. 

I missed pictures of all her little nieces huddled around her while she opened her gifts.

 The extra little camera I had in my purse 
didn't do justice to all the great looking food. 

But I did get to hang out in the kids' section for a bit.

 I was able to grab a shot of Amy, 
Carly and my sister Peggy (Jake's mom)

 Always love seeing Katie's Grandma Betty. 
I've known her since I was a very little girl. 

We are all waiting to see if Katie's baby will look like a Cleveland 
or a Kennington. Katie and I decided tonight that with such 
dominate features on both sides of that family, it will be either or. 

Congratulations Katie and Jake. I can hardly wait to see your son. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I was appalled

So we are trying to replace our freezer in the garage. We figure the 
newer models are more efficient, etc. So we go to Sears last night 
and Den immediately found one he liked.

I told the salesman the only problem is I wish it had more 
removable shelves on the door. 

He said, "That is no problem at all."

"Oh, you mean you can give us a few more?"

"Sure. After you get the freezer delivered just call our service 
department and tell them one or two of the shelves broke and they 
will send you more."

I know my mouth sort of dropped as I was thinking of what to say 
next.  Den pipes up, "We're not going to lie." and then I added, "I 
couldn't sleep at night if we did something like that."

And you know what the sales man did at that point? Nothing! He 
just went on talking about something else.

From that moment on I didn't believe a word he told us about 
anything. We said we would think about the freezer, and left.

We came home and found that exact freezer on line from Sears for 
$68. cheaper, plus free delivery. We don't need that salesman 

Monday, July 14, 2014

And the helpers came

 Tyler and Karen moved into their very first home over the 
weekend, in Vancouver, Washington! About 15 minutes away 
from McKay and McKenna.

 See that man on the far left? That's Jay. He is married to Karen's 
mother and he came all the way from Texas to help
Karen and Tyler paint and move into their home. 
(I even heard he pulled a couple all-nighters!)
 Not only that but he was so kind to send me pictures, updates and 
videos since we are a million miles away in California.

My thanks also to Karen's mom 
who is there helping with everything.
I am so so grateful she is there.

And you know what else made me so happy but not surprised? 
Many people Karen and Tyler never even met, arrived on the scene 
to help. They were from their new ward at church. Working all 
together, they all unloaded that truck in less than 15 minutes!
What peace it gives this Grandma Honey, who lives so far away, 
that the church is there waiting for them. Ready made friends 
where ever they move to, where ever they go. 

Gorgeous greenery from their new back yard!

Richie picking and eating blueberries right out their back door. 

 I'm hearing reports that this little guy, Leo, 
is having a great time exploring new territory.

The happy family the day they moved in, along with their realtor. 

 Doesn't this look like such a sweet home to walk into?
I can hardly wait to see it all in real life! Soon, soon. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Questions that could save a marriage

Téa felt lost and alone without her Jonas last night, (he was visiting a friend), I put her in bed with
me. I wasn't ready to go to sleep as early so I started going through the May's issue of Reader's Digest
which has been right by my bed….since April.

After reading a few articles, I found a golden one! I wish I had read this when my kids were little and
especially when they were in grade school. For one thing, I'd never thought before that when you ask
kids how school was that day, they really don't know. Or that our friends don't know how they are

This article is too good not to include it all.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm Proud of You

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am a HUGE Mister Rogers fan

I don't know why there is no real biography or memoir out there about him…at least I've never been
able to find one. This book isn't a bio on him either. But instead, it's a book about a friendship between
Fred Rogers and this man he met while being interviewed one day.

At times this book was too much (emotional), even for me, but overall I really did enjoy it. 

Here are some interesting things I learned 
and love about Fred Rogers:

*He would sometimes ask people who were very ill or disabled to pray for him. 
He felt that with all their suffering they were surely very close to God.

*He said a wounded heart is a very beautiful heart because 
it probably allows one to understand all others who are wounded.

*He rose before 6 each morning to pray for dozens of people by name.

*He forever carried a camera and pulled it out with great delight 
to photograph people he had met for the first time. 

*His office on set consisted of rust carpeting and old garage sale looking furniture. His 3 Gold 
Emmy Awards were stacked haphazardly a top a filing cabinet like neglected book ends. 

*A quote from Mister Rogers: 
"Every day is a gift to each one us us…no matter what our present prognosis happens to be."

*He would also say, "There is such a thin veil between this life and whatever comes after it."

And whenever my grandkids spend the night, they usually request falling off to sleep listening 
to Mister Rogers sing…..just as McKay and Tyler use to do when they were little. 
I can't imagine a sweeter and more gentle man. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our weekend

What were we thinking going shopping on the 4th!  It was like a ghost town on the streets. If you ever 
want personal service though, go on the evening of July 4th (we've also gone on the evening of 
Black Friday and the stores were near vacant then, too!)  
One clerk followed me around the store yesterday offering advice. It was kind of nice.

Nevertheless….we missed our kids and felt the sudden urge to be patriotic. We didn't want to 
crash Logan and Amy's party with their friends, but we reminded ourselves that they DID invite us so 
we could resist no longer. What I was not prepared for was how I would feel seeing Logan with his 
friends…..the same ones he hung out with since middle school. Those 6 guys use to be inseparable.

"The boys" have 17 children between them now!... with 2 more on the way. 
I wish I would have thought to take a picture with their wives too. 
Brad (in blue shirt) just became a father for the first time 4 days ago!
Robby, Brad, Logan, Travis, Bryce, and Ryan.

Bryce, Ryan, Brad, Logan, Robby, Travis in 1998.
One of our most favorite part of the holidays is receiving pictures of our grandkids …
you may have seen some of these on Facebook, but if not, here's a few.

McKenna with Scarlett and Grant in Vancouver, Washington

Pretty little Miss Scarlett.

Wish I could have seen Richie's firework show in Beaverton, Oregon!
His parents spent most of the day packing. 
They will be moving to Vancouver into their very first home this week!!!

Our sweet little Leo!

We didn't see Brock and Erin's family until the 5th…
When Princess Violet was grieving that her "glass slipper"no longer fit!
She was SO upset about that.

Cami was just happy to drift into dreamland.

And I was happy that I got to see many of our grandchildren either in picture or person.
I think holidays were designed for that purpose.

Just a few moments ago another picture came through!
From Logan, Utah to Disneyland. Emily, Matt, and Robby.
I can only imagine what it's like being there on the 4th!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The salesman at the door.

Last night as we were sitting chatting with my Dad and Susan, 
suddenly Dad asks me, "Did you hear about the salesman coming 
to the door?" I immediately thought, oh no, here it comes. I 
always worry about "salesmen" knocking at the door. 

He says a little girl (I think he said she was about 5) came to the door and the 
salesman standing there asked if there was anyone else there. She 
said her brother was home, so the Salesman asked if she would go 
get her brother. 

The little girl came back and said, "My brother can't come. I 
can't get him out of his crib."

All these years, my Dad can still get me. I didn't see this one 
coming…When will I learn? Apparently never.

Monday, June 30, 2014

My baton has been passed to the next generation

Laurynn is in the hospital with pneumonia

Amy is by her side round the clock. That's what Moms do. 

Three days ago I had the twins overnight and 
Téa was sick the entire time.

Logan came to visit them right before he left for work. 
I asked if he would bring 1 or 2 popsicles for his fevery daughter. 
He brought 27. That's what Dads do.

Last week while Elora was staying with me she talked while I 
made dinner. I mentioned to her that her Dad called to ask how she 
was doing. She rolled her eyes and sighed, "My Dad is paranoid. 
He even checks on us when we're sleeping!" 

I told her that's what parents do. 
(I have to say hearing the word "paranoid" made me smile and feel happy.
I'm glad to know my baton has been passed.)

Get Well sweet Laurynn. We are praying for you.  

Meanwhile the twins are playing with Tyler's old Star Wars figures for Four FIVE hours straight,
only breaking for dinner. Then I will package them back up, and save them for Tyler and Karen's boys. 

While the twins are in their own Star Wars world right now, they ask me questions as I walk by:

Did Tyler use to live here?
Did he use to be our age?
Why did he grow up?
 Did he grow up fast?
Did he have lots of birthdays?
How many birthdays did he have?
Did you use to babysit him?
Did you ever have any babies?
What happened to them? Where did they go? 

I often wonder the same thing.