Thursday, April 24, 2014

The girl's got passion!

Sometimes the role of the little sister is being on the outside looking in.

Even though Violet knew Elora and Hailey 
were in there practicing for a skit, 
she didn't ask to join them, she just took her place on the outside. 

I'm not sure how much she could see peeking in like that, 
but she stayed there for quite a while.

Then when the play began, Violet sat mesmerized.

This was a long skit…

at least 20-30 minutes, but Violet never lost her focus.

 Totally and completely would not take her eyes off the girls and what they were doing!

After scene one, the girls INVITED her to be IN their play! 

Was this her lucky day or what. 
Whoa, this was big time news to the little 3 year old sister.  

 I was near tears watching her hurry excitedly behind the scenes, and then came back out with her Belle costume on! 
Violet went right into the serious acting mode.

She basically had 2 lines, 
"We need our pets back. Give us our pets!"
She was suppose to say that several times during the play, 
and she did. With loud voice inflection!
(Anyone wandering in our house at this point would think Violet really did lose her pets!)

She said her lines with such PASSION 
she actually had REAL TEARS. 

This alarmed Elora a little and she tried to calm 
the little actress down a bit.

I don't have guesses yet what Violet will do with her life, 
but one thing is certain, she will do it with her whole heart. 

Or I could say, don't mess with Violet!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good news with Dad and Susan

I was planning on spending the day and night with my Dad, 
while Susan was having a test done with a possible overnight stay. …
(by the way, I was so happy to see him sitting in a real chair that I had to take a picture.)

 But my Dad got the good news phone call about 9:30 saying she and would be coming
home in 3 hours! What a relief for them both!
(Just a friendly reminder to Susan: Remember, the doctor said you need to stay in bed for 3 days.)

Tom, his helper, was here this morning, as always, and said to me,
"Jill, you'll want to take a picture of this." and proceeded to help my Dad walk….

 After breaking his back in 2012, and the subsequent surgery, 
he was told he would probably never walk again.

Very exciting for me to see! He's always had incredible determination. It's just who he is.
I can't imagine what it must feel like to be 'practicing' upright after being in a chair for 20 months.

Then Tom showed me in the Fresno Bee this morning about the Boston Marathon mentioning Dad's
name. He's run 15 Boston Marathons plus other marathons elsewhere. 
Not to mention breaking the worlds record for his age division back in 1989 for a 24 hour race.

So this should not surprise me now…..

He made a goal of learning to walk in 2014. He's on his way!
I keep thinking of what he said on the News many years ago: 
"I think we all operate far below our capacities." 

Monday, April 21, 2014

The cop's wife was not happy.

Last night with Téa having a mustache….

It reminded Dennis of something that happened many years ago when he was on the police force. One
of his fellow cops had just become a new Dad. This Dad thought he would play a trick on his wife. So
one day he took a Sharpie and painted a mustache on their baby girl. Problem was the ink would not
come off even with all the washing he tried. Finally it took a full 2 months or more for that thing to fade
away! His wife was NOT happy about it.

I keep thinking of the sweet newborn pictures they all missed out on.
After all, this was in the early 1970s, long before photo shop. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Easter 2014

I wish we could have been with all our family this day. Since that can't happen the 2nd best thing is
watching for their pictures to come in. So far this is what we have, in the order they came. If we should
be so lucky to get more, I will add them later.

Hailey, Elora, Erin, Violet, Brock, Cami
Erin took the girls to get those Easter dresses. Aren't they sweet!
Hailey has been with them all week and she heads home tomorrow. :(

Now from our Portland family today:

McKenna and Scarlett

Grant and Rich too busy to look at the camera.
Mixing a little Halloween with the Easter egg hunt. I say, why not!

And then back to Clovis….

Chandler, Laurynn, Kylie, Amy, Macie Téa, Jonas
And yes Téa has a mustache. Don't know why, but she does.

I hope more pictures come our way….:)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have a joyous Easter!

I have seen this video numerous times and in numerous places.
Close to 3 million plays, and it just came out a week ago!

In case you missed it, please do watch. And I hope your Easter is sweet and lovely.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I talked to a success story yesterday

Autism awareness month continues. I talked for 1 1/2 hours yesterday to a woman whose first child
was diagnosed with severe autism @ age 3. He is now 18 and getting ready to graduate with high
honors from a high school that specializes in math, science, and engineering. He was also awarded a
scholarship to Weber State in Utah.

How did he come from severe autism to doing well at age 18? About 15 years ago during a very
discouraging week, this lady prayed and then felt prompted to call the Autism Research Institute. It just
so happened the founder of this organization, Bernard Rimland, answered the phone himself. He told
her about the gluten and casein free diet. From there she was able to find a DAN (Defeat Autism Now)

Someone sent me this video recently (and I'm sorry but I can't even remember who it was now). The
woman in the video is not the Mom I talked to yesterday, but I think they both went down similar paths.
As the video progresses it talks about other things than diet. I'm not sure if the Mom I talked to
yesterday did these other ideas, but I know she follows the diet religiously for her son.

I find this all so very interesting and encouraging. I've heard some main stream doctors are beginning to
recommend the diet also.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What do people eat for breakfast?

I admit I have an out of norm curiosity about what people eat. If there is one question I could ask
strangers that would be it. I watch what others buy at the grocery store too but try not to be obvious
about it. But I am even more wanting to know what they are going to do with that food once they bring
it home.

So when someone sent me this video showing what people eat for breakfast across the world, well…
this is my kind of entertainment.

I've decided I like Mexico's breakfast the best…although I've never had that particular combination…
yet. And since I love my oatmeal every morning, I'd like to try Mexico's breakfast for dinner sometime.

I would starve if I had to wake up in Italy. Nothing but carbs.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Words from my Mom

Lately I'm being haunted by my mother's very large stack of journals. I've made it a goal to choose the
best parts of them, and make a book for her posterity. If we don't have journals left behind with our 
own words….then someone else will be our spokesperson for who we were after we are gone. I would
not want to trust anyone with that, would you?

She DID keep many years of journals. So I need to do her justice and let HER WORDS speak to all
her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all the many yet to be born.

It's a long process, but today I found this little gem I wanted to share written by her, 34 years ago when
she was 52. (the capitals are all hers)

"May 22, 1982

Jesse Evans Smith

Read the above in Relief Society bulletin today and IT IS SO 
TRUE---- except I guess as you get older you can anticipate the 
results more. So it isn't so hard to do ----whatever! 

…..This old age stuff ain't half bad."

Thanks Mom. I agree!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This was not one of my better Grandma decisions.

(I was SO tired last night that I pressed publish when I meant to press save. So if you were here earlier this was all jumbled up and half done. Such is the life of a tired but happy Grandma.)

While their parents are in New Orleans for the week, the grand girls have moved in…

The sisters wanted to be together. Not in separate beds. They insisted on it. So we gave it a try.

Why did I ever think this would work?
It didn't.

Violet wanted to sleep, Cami was ready for fun and wide awake, and 
Elora needed to braid her hair "so it would be crimped for school tomorrow. "
 We suggested and when that didn't work, we announced that Violet would sleep in the crib. 
No way would Violet have any of that.

The next night was so much better….thanks to the fact that Elora can talk Violet into anything. 
She told Violet the crib was a "princess bed" and then we all had 
a happily ever after sleep the following nights.

Elora asked if she could sleep down the hall. I guess she is growing up. 

Violet insists I call her Snow White.
As long as they sleep well, I will call her whatever she wants!

On a side note, it's been wonderful sharing this week with Grandma Lynn.
She's been taking a big bulk of the day shifts. But even with all that help,
I been thinking lots about young parents this week and wondering how they do it all day after day after day.

There is nothing sweeter though. Nothing sweeter. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another play to love….

One of my most favorite things to do in this world, is attend plays…but especially ones our 
grandchildren are in.  Like last Friday evening.

See that lady right above Logan's glasses? I enjoyed talking to because she is Laurynn and Macie's
drama teacher/director…AND because she was IN Logan's drama class back in 8th grade! And now,
she's the teacher of Logan's children. How cool is that.

I went up to her and said, "Do you remember me? I use to be Logan's mother back in the day."
She right away said, "Oh yes I do remember you!" She was polite and didn't say anymore than that. 
I probably spent more time hovering around those drama kids than any other parent back then. 
But Logan survived it all.

I asked Logan if I could get a picture of her and him together and he said, "Uh, no." So that was that.

Seems where ever she goes Amy is approached by people wanting to discuss 
the Primary children (ages 3-11) at our church. 

And here are our stars….Laurynn 2nd to the right and Macie, far right.
They both did a most excellent job. Very into it. 
I kept my eyes glued on them most of the time and even when they were not singing, they both know
how to be in the moment of the play. My Grandma told me once while we were watching Bonanza,
"It's just as important how actors are when they aren't saying lines as much as when they are." 

(Not that she ever acted that I know of, but her mother did write Hollywood screen plays... 
that never sold, but still, she did write them.)

Macie missed Téa for that time she was on stage, and could hardly wait to hug her again.

The four sisters together. Aren't they beautiful! 
And better than that, I have never ever seen them mean to each other.
Seriously, I have never seen them be less than kind to one another. 
Macie, Kylie, Téa, Laurynn

And here are 6 of the 7 siblings, minus Austin who is on his mission. 
(We can't claim the Genie or the cute girl in the blue dress next to him.)

I had never thought so before, but Laurynn is beginning to look 
more and more like Amy. Can you see it too?
And, well, I fail at posing for the camera. It's not my fault Dennis keeps me laughing.

Great job Laurynn and Macie! We are so proud of you!