Saturday, February 6, 2016

Slow Cook Chicken Dinner

I made this a few nights ago and Den and I both really liked it.
I made it just like the chef said, only I put less chicken (frozen!) and more vegetables.

Any leftover chicken tastes great in sandwiches the next day.

I did add some frozen green beans. I can never get enough vegetables.

Every crockpot seems to be a little different, but our dinner was ready after 3 hours on high.
We weren't ready to eat yet, so I just turned it to warm for another hour and it was fine.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

So the baby shower went like this....

Continuing from yesterday's post....

As soon as the girls started arriving for the surprise shower, I put them to work decorating.

They asked me how, and I said, "However you think it would look best."
There was such excitement because our very pregnant co-teacher would be arriving in 15 minutes.

Little hands just taking pink crepe paper and taping it wherever they could. 

And of course the banner they all made together 2 weeks before....

One of the girls arranged the cups all around the punch bowl.

Another took the cheese squares and came up with this style.
Some standing, some lying down.

As soon as they completed the decorating,  they began writing little messages 
on newborn diapers for baby Ariel. I wish I had thought to have them sign their names on them.

I could put carrot and celery sticks on a platter with Ranch on the side and hardly anyone would have 
touched them. But I put them in cups like this and I think every girl took one and ate them all. 

One girl brought an "unscramble the baby item" game.
Ten words all mixed up. I wish I had thought to keep a copy of it here.

Another girl taught us how to play the toilet paper game.
The girls split up in 4 groups and chose one girl in their group 
to dress up like a baby out of toilet paper! They loved it!

What a good sport she was!
Sweet Kelsey, who is not much bigger than the Primary girls had a 9 lb, 1 oz baby 6 days later!

Then we played the old fashioned memory game.
Look at 15 baby items for about a minute, and then try to write them all down.
I think we had SIX girls remember 14 of the 15 items!
It must be so nice to have a young brain!!

Then it was time for refreshments.
I brought my Mom's punch. It was perfect and what the girls couldn't finish, 
Den gave to the Young Women (ages 12-17) in the room next door.

And remember the girl from yesterday's post? The one who wanted to make sure all the knots were 
tired correctly? She is the same one who pushed her food forward here, and stepped out of the way, 
so I could get a picture of it. She thinks of everything.

I went home that night thinking of this:
The girls' decorating was the best! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

She didn't think anyone saw her.

So while my Primary Activity Girls were making a blanket for our pregnant co-teacher,
I was sitting off to the side talking to one of the Moms who came to help.
The girls were all on the floor gathering around the blanket, tying knots.

When that was completed they all stood up at the table
and made a banner for the soon-to-be-born baby.

Suddenly I noticed one of the girls had left the banner making group and was kneeling back down all
by herself by the blanket they had all just tied. I watched this girl as she quietly scooted around the
blanket on her knees, checking every single knot. 

A few times she looked like she was re-doing some of those knots. After inspecting each and every
one she stood back up and went back to work with the rest of the group making the banner. I don't 
think any of the girls even noticed she had left. I think that was her plan.

So I went up to this girl and just quietly asked, "So were you working some more on the blanket?"
She quietly spoke like she didn't want anyone to hear, "Some of the knots were done wrong so I 
was just fixing them." 

What I found more impressive than her desire to "fix" the blanket.... was that she made sure to sneak
away, after the group was occupied so none of the girls feelings were hurt by her re-doing some of
their knots. She didn't want anyone noticing her. And she probably thought I wouldn't either. 

I hope little Ariel Brooke will enjoy having this banner in her home.
She was just born yesterday!

Next I'll show you what we did at the baby shower.....
It definitely had its own flair being created by young girls!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I want to remember this

I'm still thinking about a talk I heard at church last Sunday. By the look in the speaker's eyes and
hearing the emotion in his voice, I could tell he was not only very sincere, but he's been through 
a lot. He spoke of family problems, although without going into detail. 
He said he now asks himself every morning, "What can I do today to live a Christ centered 
life?' and then he goes to bed each night asking himself, "Am I doing what I need to do to live 
a Christ centered life?"
I've been putting this to the test this past week. It's amazing to me just by asking
myself those questions each day, how the insight is coming. 
Here are some other points this speaker made that I hope to remember:
*Patience is the understanding of other's faults. (I think this one is my favorite.)
*We need to forgive those who are attacking us.
*We are suppose to love ALL of our brothers and sisters. 
*To love everyone is HARD.
*To love as He loved should be our highest goal.

Last week's church talk goes well with my scripture for the week.
The one I have on my fridge:

Friday, January 29, 2016

I think I see a pattern here....

My 2 youngest sons, Tyler and McKay. They were in sync growing up too....

January 2016
Juliet and Annie

July 2013
Leo and Scarlett

September 2011
Grant and Rich

I get the feeling these cousins want to be raised together. 
Can't help but wonder what kind of plotting and planning goes on in heaven. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

My version of Star Wars

Per Den's request for his birthday, we went to see Star Wars on Wednesday. 
(his real birthday was Tuesday but I was helping with a baby shower that night)

You know those movie previews they show for a whole 15 minutes before the movie begins? They
are SO loud to me so I leave and walk around outside a bit. Then I come back in, put my ear plugs in
and we were set to go. Or rather set to sit. For 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I'm doing well. Movie’s not bad. I recognize most of the characters from when I use to pick them off
our living room floor back in the 80s.

A text comes in on Den’s phone from some friends from church saying they can’t get home from
the beach soon enough to feed the missionaries tonight and ask if we can feed them instead.
Den hands me his phone. I text and tell these friends that while we would love to, we can’t because
I’m taking Dennis out for his birthday dinner tonight. Turns out the friend says it’s her husband’s BD
too! So we text back and forth about years and places born.

Next a picture text comes in of little Juliet. No matter what I am doing or where I am, I can never get
enough of my grandbabies. She is smiling in her sleep. I think she is liking earth life. How could she
not with the family she was born into.

Another text comes in. It’s my friend T from church. She is asking me to call her when I get home.
Now I’m left wondering…I hope everything’s all right with her.

The movie is okay but nearly as loud as the previews! So I go out to the concession place and ask
since only me and my husband are in Star Wars, could they please lower the volume? The nice girl
says, “Sure. I will ask my manager.”

Back to the movie. The volume seems lower. But my shoulder is hurting. Try to ignore. I shouldn't
have washed all those shutters this morning. It has not hurt like this in months! I go through my purse
looking for some Curamin for the pain. That stuff always works. Can’t find it. I turn on my flashlight
(did I mention Den and I are the only ones in the theater?)…and kept rummaging through my
purse.  Finally I tell Den I need to go find some in the car. Normally he would say he'd go get it for
me. But he's checked out. As he should. It’s his birthday movie you know.

So I walk out to the car and check all the door pockets, the glove compartment. No Curamin
anywhere. I decide quickly to just drive home and get some.

That took about 15 minutes round trip. Sent Den a text, “Hold on, I’m almost there.” just in case he
noticed I was still gone.

As soon as I walk back up to the top of the theater (we always sit in the highest row) I take out the
lunch I made for us earlier that morning. I hand Den his egg sandwich, cut up apples, and chips plus a
bottle of water. Back to Star Wars.

I don’t know what it was…but something about this movie reminded me of K at church. Then
suddenly I realized she called and left a message for Dennis a few days ago. I never finished listening
to it, but I saved it for him….but forgot to tell him about it! I texted K right away and explained and
apologized. She said no worries, she already solved her problem. Good to know.

Another picure came in of Juliet. This time she is cozy wrapped up. She’s only 6 days old but she
sure looks like she is smiling at the person holding her.

Back to the big screen. I got to see the older version of Princess Leia all these years later. I sat there
picturing her younger face in my mind, and remembered my younger life. But none of that mattered
to me. I’m just so happy Den got to finally see a movie of his choice. And unlike most other times, he
hardly noticed how often I left….which is a good thing. After all, we were celebrating his birthday.

And I can finally say I went to a Star Wars movie. My first ever.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The big brothers meeting little sister.

So Dennis was working in our church temple yesterday. He was there all morning, and when he got
out to the car he checked his phone and he had 75 text messages! (they were all from Karen
and Tyler and me conversing back and forth). He knew just looking at the number of messages 
that Juliet had arrived!

It was such a happy day!

The last picture that came in last night. She was about 12 hours old, I think.
I know this baby. She looks so familiar to me!

Tyler and Karen sent me several videos too.....I chose these two...
Leo is such a tender sweet boy.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

She's here!

After a very short labor and no epidural,
 baby girl arrived just before 9am!

Juliet Elizabeth

(they have not weighed her yet. 
Instead, they gave Juliet right to Karen and she started feeding her.)
 I can already see both Richie and Leo in their little sister.

Isn't her name beautiful! She has her Mama's middle name.

Karen told me during her pregnancy that naming her Juliet would be "giving a nod to the Rozier
family," because of my Grandpa Romeo Rozier.

Weight just in: 7 lbs even!
20 inches


Labor will begin in the morning.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tomorrow is only a day away...

We will have some baby news tomorrow!

Little Annie will soon have another cousin to grow up with...